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Carp Godfather Fishing With Walker Be My Guest
The Carp Godfather    

Foreword by Chris Yates

Limited Edition Signed by Peter Maskell

THE Diamond Jubilee of the capture of Clarissa, Dick Walker’s record breaking 44lb carp, is being celebrated with the launch of a new Dick Walker book, The Carp Godfather edited by Peter Maskell.

The 195-page hardback book contains articles on all aspects of carp fishing, including tackle, tactics and baits, written by Dick, who held the carp record for nearly 28 years, during the 1950s, Sixties and Seventies. There’s also a fascinating insight into the pioneering days of carp fishing, with the formation of the Carpcatchers’ Club after the end of World War II.
Enjoy the exploits, successes and failures of his angling pals, Peter Thomas, Maurice Ingham, Pat Russell and Fred J. Taylor as they tackle waters like Mapperley Reservoir, Woldale, Hunstrete, Dagenham and Redmire, illustrated by very rare photographs of their catches.

The Carp Godfather
Hardback --- SOLD OUT
with a Foreword by Chris Yates, is limited to just 470 numbered and signed copies and is priced at £27.95 + £2.75 First Class p&p. To order your books, just send a cheque for £30.70, made payable to Peter Maskell Publishing Services, direct to Peter at Churchview House, Main Street, Wilsthorpe, STAMFORD, PE9 4PE.
Email: petermaskell@btinternet.com

Leather --- Last few copies left ---
A special limited edition of 44, signed and numbered leather-bound books, complete with slipcases. Price is £170 + £8 for Special Next Day Delivery. To reserve your leather book, email Peter at: petermaskell@btinternet.com or ring him direct on 01778 560 824 (evenings preferred) .

the carp godfather dick walker
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Fishing With Walker by Dick Walker

THERE’S a special treat in store for Dick Walker fans with the launch of a brand new book by the Maestro.

Fishing With Walker contains articles from Fishing magazine and Angling Times – none of which have appeared in book form before.

There are sections on all the major species and how to catch them; tactics, hard-hitting and side-splitting comments on a wide range of topical issues and much, much more. Many of the supporting photographs have never previously been published.
Discover which fish was Dick’s favourite species, how he came face to face with a 7lb perch, when barbel bite best, the myth of Redmire and the mystery of the monsters of the Great Ouse.
There are controversial comments on the lack of angling on TV, the close season debate, groundbaiting and shotting patterns.
Joining him on the bankside are his closest fishing pals, Pete Thomas, Fred J Taylor, his brother Ken and their cousin, Joe.
No angler, whether he fishes purely for relaxation, or looks upon the sport as an exciting challenge, can fail to find a treasure trove of information and entertainment between the covers of Fishing With Walker.

Numbered Hardback --- SOLD OUT ---
Fishing With Walker, a 197-page hardback book, is limited to just 500 numbered and signed copies and is priced at £26.95 + £2.75 First Class p&p.

Open Edition
No Open Edition was ever printed, these copies are simply the excess of copies from the original printing, with the price marked down accordingly at £23.95 including p&p.
To order copies direct, just send a cheque for £23.95, made payable to Peter Maskell Publishing Services, to Peter Maskell, Churchview House, Main Street, Wilsthorpe, STAMFORD, PE9 4PE.
Email: petermaskell@btinternet.com

Leather --- Last few copies left ---
A limited number of 35 signed leather-bound copies in slipcases are also available at £165 + £7 p&p.

Fishing With Walker
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Be My Guest by Dick Walker

BE MY GUEST by Dick Walker is an invitation that you simply can’t refuse. Join the Maestro on the riverbank and lakeside for a Masterclass on how to catch all the major species – barbel and bream, carp and chub, perch and pike, roach and rudd, tench and trout and grayling and salmon.

Share the excitement as you fish as the personal guest of the greatest all-round angler of all times during a calendar year that spans all the variations of temperature and water heights and conditions.

Centrepiece of BE MY GUEST is the iconic Conversation Pieces that were published in Angling Times between 1964-1967. They fulfilled every angler’s dream – the chance to fish with the man who had held the carp record since 1952, the man who had caught eight perch over 4lb, more than 60 chub over 6lb and dozens of double-figure barbel.

The second part of the book is a fascinating insight into the fishing experiences that created an angling legend. Rivers of Memory covers all the major waters on which Dick began his angling career and where many of his most famous exploits took place. There are stories about the Hertfordshire rivers, the Great Ouse, the Cam, Kennet and the Wye, the Hampshire Avon, Arlesey Lake and Redmire Pool.

BE MY GUEST has been published to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the death of Dick Walker. It contains a wealth of the watercraft, observation, technical knowledge and sheer commonsense that made him into such a successful and revered angler. No angler can fail to benefit from its pearls of wisdom!

Dick Walker, 1918-1985
With a Foreword by Chris Yates
Edited by Peter Maskell

This is a limited hardback edition of just 570 copies, numbered and signed by the Editor and Publisher Peter Maskell. The 197 pages contain many period Dick Walker photographs which have never previously been published.

There is also a full leather bound edition of just 30 copies, complete with bespoke, handmade slipcase. Each leather bound book is numbered and signed by Editor and Publisher Peter Maskell.

Numbered Hardback --- SOLD OUT ---
Dick Walker
Cloth bound books: Limited Edition of 570 with dust jacket
£25.95 plus £2.75 postage and packing.

Leather --- SOLD OUT ---
Full leather bound books: Limited Edition of 30 with handmade slipcase
£165 plus £6.70 postage and packing (Special Delivery)

Be My Guest cover.
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