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Last few leather editions of No Need To Lie
No Need To Lie - 50th Anniversary Edition  

Now also available as a digital download with Amazon Kindle, regarded by many as an angling classic, No Need To Lie was reprinted in 2014 as a limited edition in hardback, with a cloth binding. Leather bindings are also available.   No Need To Lie on Kindle
Available in hardback:  

Cloth edition:

To celebrate the publication of No Need to Lie in 1964, a special limited edition reprint of the original was released in December 2014.

500 numbered Cloth bound copies were produced. This celebratory edition will remain true to the original, using quality materials and craftsmanship.  No Need To Lie follows an unconventional format and is an outsized works, measuring at 11 x 8⅝” / 28 x 22cm. The specification:

  • Chapters on Chub, Carp, Pike, Perch, Roach, Bream, Trout, Tench, Barbel, Dace.
    Plus Broadcasting, Newspapers, Odds & Ends.
  • Featuring over 70 illustrations.
  • GOLD embossed frontispiece and spine.
  • Dust jacket.
  • Cloth bound in green.
  • Section sewn.
  • 90+ pages. 

Priced at £35 with FREE delivery (to UK Mainland).
30 numbered leather with slipcases were produced at £199.

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No Need To Lie leather edition


No Need To Lie
was written as result of an ongoing campaign waged by Peter Thomas.  RSW wrote to share his ideas and knowledge, to provoke discussion and try to help others catch fish, rather than write about how and what he caught.  Pete was insistent though that readers would be interested to hear some accounts of Richard’s ‘best’ catches, and so it is thanks to him that the original book was released in 1964.

Pete Thomas No Need To Lie

Reg Cooke’s wonderful illustrations accompany the ‘pulse-stirring nature of these big-fish catches’ and have been painstakingly restored. 





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Illustrations from No Need To Lie

Jack Thorndike, then editor of the Angling Times wrote in his foreword:

“Walker is a man of deeds as well as words and the title of this book, No Need To Lie, could not have been more aptly chosen. His many angling feats as a captor of big fish are well known. All have been reported in print and the stories and photographs have thrilled thousands of Angling Times readers.

That is one reason why this book is bound to be a best seller.
Another mark of its greatness is the delightful work of artist and angler Reg Cooke.

Reg Cooke’s angling knowledge has stood him in good stead in his execution of some dramatic black and white drawings and beautiful colour illustrations. Every chapter is livened by his work, which makes No Need To Lie the most lavishly illustrated of all recent angling publications.

Richard Walker’s graphic writings and Reg Cooke’s life-like illustrations have combined in harmony to produce a book every dedicated angler will want to possess”.


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Fred J Taylor No Need To Lie

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