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New Dick Walker website   100 Years of Dick Walker
  29th May 2018

Dick was born 100 years ago today, and to celebrate we have a new home page, giving a taster of more content coming soon in three new major sections for the website.

- The Legend - will cover his achievements and contributions to angling, including the capture of his 44 lb carp Clarissa, tacke design and innovations, his writing and more.

- The Influence - will look at Walker in the media; TV, radio and print. His prolific letter output replying to anglers ranging from ten-year-old schoolboys to university professors.... and his photgraphic work that so enhanced his articles.

- The Man - will examine Dick's personality, his life outside of angling, and most importantly, his friends, angling companions and colleagues.

Fred Buller MBE   Farewell Fred
  17th February 2016

The angling world wakes this morning to the find itself all the poorer for the loss last evening of Frederick Buller MBE. Anyone fortunate enough to have known Fred, will know that we have lost so much more, for never have I met a finer gentleman than he. His colossal contribution to angling is epitomized in the huge tomes that were the result of years dedicated to research, 'The Domesday Book of Mammoth Pike', and another '..of Giant Salmon', are surely considered classics that will be invaluable to future generations. Yet these merely scratch the surface of what was a lifetime spent in angling, and the vast depth of knowledge Fred possessed on the subject, which many considered made him a world authority, especially concerning the history of fishing tackle.

He will be sorely missed. Our thoughts are with his family.

  Tribute to follow...
Fishing In Floods   Fishing In Floods
  Dick's first paid for article was in the Fishing Gazette and tackled fishing in floods.

"At this time of the year many of our rivers are either flooding the surrounding country or threatening to do so, and this abnormal state of affairs has caused many anglers to postpone their next fishing excursion until such a time as the waters have abated somewhat. These anglers are missing some of the best sport that is to be obtained in coarse fishing, for when the rivers are feet above their normal level, and the water is of that consistency which is generally known as ‘pea-soup’, then is the best fishing of the the whole year to be had. When such conditions are prevalent, nearly all freshwater fish are feeding freely, and the larger fish put aside their usual shrewd suspicions so far as to be willing to investigate anything in the shape of food."

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Dick Walker on SoundCloud   My Friend Fred
  In 1965 Dick wrote about his good friend and angling companion Fred J Taylor, that appeared in Creel Magazine.
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    Audio section added - SoundCloud
Dick Walker on SoundCloud    
  A new section for the website where you can listen to Dick talking about fishing and his life.
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The Story of The Great Carp   The Story of The Great Carp
  'BB' tells the story of how Richard Walker caught the 44 lb. carp, Clarissa, that changed the face of angling.
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Dick Walker in his shed   The Walker Centre-Pin Reels
  Dick made two reels in the years after WWII. With the recent discovery of one which was thought 'lost', we've put together some more details about them.
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Bob Church awarded MBE   Bob Church Awarded MBE
  In the Queen’s birthday honours list June 2015 Robert John Church was awarded the MBE for Services To Fishing.
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Dick Walker does it again   Dick Walker Does It Again
  In June 1954, Dick Walker caught a second huge carp. Read the account of the capture, plus some other interesting facts and points of interest.
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Carp Catchers' Club   The Carp Catchers' Club
  Dick was one of the driving forces in this famous club that dramatically changed angling philosophy in the 1950s.
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Frank Guttfield   Frank Guttfield
  We have heard the sad news that Frank Guttfield passed away on 12th June. He first met Dick in Arlesey when was he was 9 - many years later, Dick wrote the Foreword in Frank's book In Search of Big Fish. 
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No Need To Lie Postcards   No Need To Lie - Postcard set
  10 designs; one for each species featured in a chapter of No Need To Lie, by the wonderful artist Reg Cooke.
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Rod Design & Development   Rod Design & Development
  Dick was deeply involved with the tackle trade in numerous areas; rods, reels, bite alarms, weights, rod rests, beta-lights...
We've added a little about his involvement with Hardy's - prompted by a recent trip to the store and museum in Alnwick.
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Pete Thomas Tribute   Pete Thomas Tribute
  Of all Dick’s closest friends, Peter Thomas was certainly his first best friend and, having known each other from their childhood into the early 1930s, the longest serving as well. A stalwart, true and steadfast friend and angling companion for over 50 years.
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Launch day for No Need To Lie   Book Launch - No Need To Lie
  "What a beautiful crisp morning December 13th was, brightened by the sunshine to help celebrate the launch of the Golden Anniversary Edition of No Need To Lie". 
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